Passionate about pens? Tired of your friends’ eyes glazing over when you start talking about the difference between a European fine and a Japanese Fine? Do you want to talk to people that understand that not all ink is wet?

The Edmonton Fountain Pen club is here to help! A friendly group of fountain pen aficionados that meet regularly to discuss all things fountain pen – paper, ink and of course, pens!  Whether you are new to fountain pens, a seasoned vintage collector or have one pen but 312 bottles of ink – you are welcome to join us.

Edmonton Fountain Pen Club Meetings
Visit the Edmonton Fountain Pen Club Facebook Page for information about our next meet up.

Edmonton Fountain Pen Club Facebook Page

5 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Post some pictures please!


  2. Christopher Stosky

    Good Evening,
    My name is Christopher Stosky and I have been passionate about pens for many years ……especially fountain pens….my collection is modest but I make pens. I do not turn pens like others do. My method, for making pens, is unlike anything else in the world. I have yet to find anyone else that makes pens in the same way as I do. My method allows me much freedom to make my pens out of a variety of materials and is only limited by my imagination….. I have a very active imagination I would appreciate the opportunity to show them to others who would appreciate their unique construction. Could you please let me know if this would acceptable.if it is could you also please confirm the date and time of your next meeting…. Thank you for your consideration …..Christopher Stosky .


    • Hi Christopher! All are welcome at meetings to talk about fountain pens but there is very little market for someone selling pens. We meet at 12:30, the second Saturday of the month at the sub building at the u of a if you want to join us.


      • Christopher Stosky

        Hi Sherry,
        Thank you for the invitation…. Im looking forward to meeting next month. My intent is to come and show different styles of pen housings as well as talk about fountain pen topics ( refill methods, preferred inks, maintenance…. etc.). If I am asked about making a custom pen for a member I will try to help them but I have absolutely no intention of trying to sell my pens at the meeting.


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